Re designing the Leclerc Drive app.

E.Leclerc is a cooperative of traders and a supermarket chain predominantly food of French origin. The graphic charter of Leclerc is simple: blue / white and orange.

This redesign work is entirely personal and is absolutely not made by/for Leclerc.
To begin, the login screen. The big problem of the current design is the bad use of empty spaces. The graphic elements are poorly positioned. The colors of the graphic charts absolutely not used. You can see below a comparison before / after redesign.
This second screen is catastrophic in terms of UX. Why use a mozaic of articles more than a list much more effective in this kind of application? Where is my shopping cart? Impossible to find at first glance. My redesign was trying to fix its UI / UX problems.
In this screen there is an overload of graphic elements. Just ventilate the interface a little, use the graphic chart and follow the graphic rule of flat design and it's over!
Below, motion design of the user path in the redesigned application.

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